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Most of you know what happened so that I get to where I am today but there is much more and this year, I will share a little more of our story, I always reserve the time to discuss it with Philippe and Nathalie my wife who are concerned by our experience before sharing anything.


I would like to emphasize that everything this sharing with you is medically documented and it will be my pleasure to show you these documents during a private meeting if you wish.  I must always respect and ask permission from Philippe before sharing any medical documents about him as you know he is 28 years old and is now totally autonomous.



Everything about Philippe's autism diagnosis you know a lot, if today he would  joined my classes, he would be considered one of the children who run a lot and do not listen to instructions, who hit their faces and have tantrums in my beginner classes, I still did not develop generalized anxiety problems for nothing,  because in the police I experienced great stress and saw horrible things so I developed a certain resilience.


What you don't know is that Philippe started having vision problems at the age of fifteen, I had many students with vision problems in my classes including one who was blind, so these are other kinds of problems that can occur in a person's life not only autism as you know.


After trying everything to get Philippe out of autism, another terrible news manifested itself to us.


Philippe was followed for 5 years by a retinal specialist after being referred by an ophthalmologist who had detected retinal detachment due to eye disease in Philippe.


The specialist having seen no results with the drugs he prescribed to Philippe and knowing that Philippe would eventually lose his sight he referred us to a colleague, Dr. Omar on René Lévesque Street in Montreal,

 Dr. Amer Omar is an ophthalmologist and geneticist, he is in contact with other experts around the world and has been Philippe's doctor for several years now.


Dr. Omar at the beginning strongly believed that the only solution to help Philippe was injections in the eyes and there were experimental treatments that were given among others in California. We opted to try other drugs first and see the effects, because the injections did not interest Philippe at all!


We also consulted naturopaths because we have always had a generalist and global vision with Philippe, no one has all the knowledge, and we used both methods, that of Dr. Omar with drugs and that of a naturopath with plants.


Today Philippe has recovered, and his vision is back to normal, Dr. Omar told us that he would publish a scientific note about Philippe's recovery that still surprises him! I would add that we have developed a certain friendship with Dr. Omar whom we like very much.


We were also invited to the largest scientific research center in the United States in 2011 who studied Philippe for six days and interviewed me and my wife at the same time. The study was led by renowned Dr. David Black Dr. David O. Black - CAAT: Center for Assessment and Treatment (




Dr. David O. Black - CAAT: Center for Assessment and Treatment (


Dr. Black with us in 2011, Dr. Black is recognized as an expert worldwide, few people in Quebec have been able to meet him and spend several days with Dr. Black. And I, a simple person, had this opportunity for six days!

I have all the documents to prove what I am sharing with you.


What is good and I say very important is that I am a very ordinary person who has suffered a lot and that I have learned a lot in my suffering, I have fallen several times, but I have always got up and martial arts have helped me a lot to strengthen my mind.


There is a very strong bond between a parent and a child, I am completely convinced of that, and no one can help your child better than you, if you have the tools, I see it in my program.


When I see people come to try my classes and drop out before a month, I see myself at 40, we are overwhelmed with a lot of stress in our lives and an autistic child greatly increases our burden.


Today at 60 years old for me what is important is to get involved until my death with autism, some will think that I am crazy when I can benefit from a nice retirement, but it is autism that has changed me and changed my way of seeing life.


With all the experience I have my goal is to help you because yes everything is possible when you believe in it.


Thank you for your trust



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