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If you are the parent of a wonderful endearing child with Autism Spectrum Disorder…and you believe that you will never be able to live a levity or normal life because of the misunderstanding of others…Not to mention, the unfortunate possibility of him being bullied at school, because of his difference…


Then the Autism Karate School is the solution (which has proven itself since 2008 with thousands of students)...which will allow you to find a "normal" life, filled with moments of joy and lightness, with the same feeling of happiness you felt when your child was born!


And to prevent your child from being subjected to any form of intimidation, either at school or in his environment of leisure and activities, which he can practice in pleasure.

The Autism Karate School…

Offers simple, effective and well-supervised workshops, lasting 60 minutes, for all children and teenagers with an autism spectrum disorder, accompanied by a parent, in an atmosphere of fun and learning. .


If you wish, dear parent, to feel this happiness and joy that you experienced at the birth of your child...


In fact, that's what happened to my wife and myself, we were able to rediscover this joy of living as a family, since our son, with an autism spectrum disorder, started at a young age. , to integrate a new lifestyle, a specific exercise routine that completely transformed him!


He is now 27 years old, holds a degree from McGill University and works at Bell in collaboration with auticon Canada.


The importance of integrating physical exercise as a way of life.

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It is very important that your child can regularly practice a series of simple and specific exercises that will allow him to feel good about himself and above all happy to live.


And if you want him to develop a great deal of self-confidence, avoid leaving him alone for too long to fend for himself without support, once again, involve him in specific, well-supervised physical exercises on a regular basis.


The more you offer him this opportunity to start practicing at a young age...the more he will blossom and be able to:


  • Socialize in a group

  • Learn to better control and inhabit your physical body (motor skills)

  • Being aware of how your body works in physical space (Proprioception)

  • Develop your ability to concentrate

  • Develop a Great Confidence in him (her).

Once your child properly implements this routine into their lifestyle… the greater their confidence and self-esteem will be.


Your child goes to school and leads a normal life, he is respected, he is no longer bullied or misunderstood by his class friends.


It may even be... having experienced it, that your friends or loved ones tell you:

“How is it possible that your child is doing so well in school, getting good grades and being able to work at coveted jobs? »


To thank you for your presence on our site, I offer you with great pleasure a Gift 🎁: A free 60-minute class (in exchange for your email) which will allow you to…


Discover all the benefits of our unique and inspiring programs that support that: "Anything is possible when you really believe in it!" »


Hope to meet you,

André Langevin, Founder of Autism Karate


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