Témoignage de  Shuang

"We made the decision to enroll our son Joshua at Autismekarate because he was really struggling with focus and self-control at school and home. Joshua has ASD combined with ADHD. He has tried several team sports such as Soccer and Hockey etc., but has always found them too overwhelming. I had read previously that Karate worked well for children with disabilities. The process of learning Karate naturally encourages the development of focus, confidence, self-respect, and respect for others. Psychologists consider Karate as a form of Occupational & Behavioral Therapy for adults and children living with ADHD and Autism.

Our goal was to help our son gain interest in an activity that would improve his confidence and help with his concentration, coordination and physical activity. At the beginning Joshua was not interested and the first class he was on the bike for most of the time. Second time almost the same, then better however still very hyperactive and ran all over the room and ran out of the room sometimes, also liked switching lights on and off. The first two months it was a disaster, we had to hold Joshua in the arms to practice one by one with him. Gradually we have noticed the improvement from Joshua and he started following the instructors and two weeks ago Joshua has reached his best at the Karate course, he was not distracted at all and followed the instructor from the very beginning until the end! Our goals were far exceeded at this point!

Karate practice at Autismekarate ever since has become a great way for our son to release energy and build concentration. It has also taught him that if he is willing to work hard, he can achieve his goals. We have gained a lot of new friendships from other parents and have developed a great support system at Autismekarate . The instructors Andre and Philippe are a fantastic group of role models who make Joshua feel special and we have a lot of respect for them. His self-control and focus  has really grown over the past a few months. We are excited to watch our son grow Autismekarate where supports special needs children their differences, and challenges their goals. Pratice at Autismekarate is no longer just an activity or hobby for us parents , it’s an investment in our children. We are so grateful and appreciative of how much Autismekarate and Andre has given to our son and family and encourage anyone and everyone to participate at Autismekarate! "