Children refusing to participate

Good morning to all of you


We have as you know students of all levels and some require more patience and innovations to get them to participate in martial arts classes or any other activity, I share with you my observations based on The hundreds of students who have attended our courses and this without trial, 


The children who refuse to participate:


 it is possible in the first place that the child is totally selfless in our courses, on the other hand if he is Selfless in all the activities you propose to him, the problem is deeper, and this requires a more thorough introspection on your part and your medical advisors, I remain nevertheless convinced that you are the best resources for Your child because you Know him  better than anyone. 


 I have personally tried for a few years to blame others for my failure and I failed .


I have already shared you that we must communicate before teaching and it is at this level that you become very important as a That parents in order to help us, by sharing your knowledge of your child, his interests, his motivations among others with us. 


 Some children work better with a parent either the father or the mother, some work better in the presence of both parents, why is this so? 


 I believe that you are much more able than me to answer this question, but it is almost incredible what I observed in some families when a parent who did not participate decided to get involved in the courses , we remain a Example for our children and they love us unconditionally and they imitate us, we remain a model for them. 


 As an example without mentioning any family, there is a student extremely close to his father who did not want to participate at all, even after several weeks of effort, we asked the dad to do the courses even though son didn't want to know anything about Participate and surprise for all of us, the student began a summary implication at the beginning that improves  continuously in classes , Dad is an example for his son who remains his idol , congratulations to this dad for his humility and perseverance.


 In another example that I can’t  explain since he operated quickly after two months of turbulence lol, a student went from the stage of being like a hurricane in the course to the student who does the whole course by following the instructions, in this case Our student is supported by Mom, Dad and his big brother, there was a big and incredible click, I asked Mom what medication had taken her child and she assured me that he had not taken any. It’s miraculous!


 Based on my personal experience I understand these changes because I myself ran out of rigor with Philip for a few years while my wife was deeply involved in all sorts of activities to get him out of his bubble , when we got on the same wavelength the positive changes have multiplied.


 This implies on our part , resilience, humility and perseverance and especially to believe in your child, 


Never forget that whatever is your relationship between you mom and dad, your child loves you unconditionally and you both Have an impact on your child's development whether by your absence or your presence in his development ❤ ️ 


good success to you






Good morning to all of you

I have been in the field of martial arts since 1987 and adapted martial arts classes since 2008,

I have had hundreds of students who have tried our courses and I can say with certainty by looking at our advanced classes today that the Perseverance pays dividends

I sincerely thank all of you who persevered in our courses, you can see the results by yourself today with your children and I no longer have to convince you of anything.

You are examples of success! There is no miracle  with the children, there are up and down in your life and I could talk to you for hours about it because I have had a lot of difficult time with my son Philippe as well as with my wife and in my work and with my health ,

I was a victim in my life for several years  , what makes the difference after all these experiences , is how we react in adversity, there is so much way to respond to the difficulties we encounter, the easiest being to blame the system or the others for our failures as I try to do it for years with bad results for me.

I did it and I ve suffered for several years before I realized that the negative generates the negative and that everything can be worse.

There is no limit to the negative things that can happen to us as there are no limits to unconditional love and success ♥❤️

I hear love without any expectations of each other with who you have the sharing

When  I took the responsibility of my life by practicing the resilience , with unconditional love and let go

my life moved towards a major change, I am not part of any religious group or other organizations, I am only trying to be authentic as People with autism

who have so much to offer and who have taught me a lot.

Your child is a treasure that makes you grow up, I know something ❤ ️about it ,

your efforts with your children are eventually rewarded you should never give up, whatever their difficulty levels , they deserve our help and can improve.

I would like to end by sharing with you that if you have any problems , financial or other that prevent you from participating in our courses or that lead you to abandon our courses,  I remain very open and I will try to help you.  Please contact me to discuss it

I invite  you to attend our review of brown belts next Sunday at 11:00 at the Miriam Center to observe students who have been with us for more than 5 years and see their progress

Thanks for being with no us at Autismekarate





I would like to talk to you about what is called tantrums or repetitive and excessive movements, these can reach you at different levels especially if it comes to movements that lead your child to hit himself .

It was something that affected me a lot when Philip was between 3 and 5 years old, he got very angry and made huge seizures that often ended with the strikes  he gave himself to his face and knocking his head against the walls, this tore my heart out and touched me a lots,
and at the time I was poorly equipped and did not know how to react,

I discovered as many of you I am convinced, that love and positive reinforcement were the best tools That can be used to combat these bad habits caused by too much anxiety

To understand we must try to put ourselves in the head of our autistic child to understand how he feels, he does not understand well our world and our way of life , he lives a little in another world and when anxiety reaches a certain level because he does not understand us, he punishes himself by hitting himself because he does not understand our way of acting and our expectations towards him

Philip stop hitting himself around 6-7 years but he developed other tantrums to pull out his anxiety like spitting in his hands and wiping on his sweater, his sweater would get all wet and disgusting for the others students, he finally got rid of this habits when he got to high school

Only positive reinforcement and love manage to overcome these challenges, I really believe it to have done it myself  with Philip who is now much more mature than I could be at the same age

At that time it was also difficult for myself and my wife we were both suffering from anxiety disorders, we had to overcome our problems to help Philippe better

Believe in your child and continue your excellent dedication to him/her  ,
be without fear all these little quirks will disappear as they get older  ,  for most children ,it will

if you are still with us in our courses is that you share our way To see our autistic children, we see them with our eyes from the heart, with a lot of love and this is the recipe to help them grow , they are little angel who are just trying to understand us ❤️